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Using the restroom in cold weather is less than ideal, especially when the only option is a porta potty. More than likely, a portable toilet rental in Kansas City doesn’t have a built-in heating system, making the situation even worse. However, you don’t have to hold your bladder until you get home.

At Pacific Sanitation Services, a leading provider of porta potties and roll off dumpsters in Kansas City, we understand that you sometimes just have to go. So, we’ve compiled some tips to make using the bathroom in the cold a little less uncomfortable.

Bring a Light When Using a Kansas City Porta Potty Rental at Night

Using a portable restroom at night isn’t ideal. It’s better to go during the daytime when the sun is still out. This is because it’s typically a little warmer than using the restroom at night.

Should you have to use the facilities at night, make sure you bring a flashlight or the flashlight feature on your phone so you can see more easily in the dark. Just make sure you place the phone or light in a safe area where it can’t be dropped or knocked over.

Do Your Business as Quickly as Possible

It will be a little chilly inside the porta potty, so try and use the bathroom as fast as you can. When there are bitter cold temperatures outside, it is important to wear multiple layers until you reach the desired warmth.